Steve Dunkerley has a candid conversation with:

Jan Myszkowski
Managing Director, Hannover Digital Investments

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Transforming a de-centralised Group & nurturing start-ups

How do you go about transforming a decentralised insurance group while leveraging the latest technologies and change agents?

In this podcast, Steve Dunkerley has a CANDID CONVO with Jan Myszkowski, Managing Director, Hannover Digital Investments about how he enables Talanx subsidiaries to future proof themselves with the latest tech solutions.  He also talks about how he and his team collaborates with a community of insurtech start-ups for win win outcomes. Jan also talks about his fantastic self produced business themed animations and drawings

Steve Dunkerley has a candid conversation with:

Louise Smith
Chief Digital Officer, Lloyds of London

Rachel Turk
Head of Corporate Development, Beazley

Julia Graham
Deputy CEO & Technical Director, Airmic

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The new risk landscape & the transformation of Lloyds of London

The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation of enterprises around the world and changed the focus of risk management and insurance. This episode of CANDID CONVO explores

How Lloyds of London, the specialty insurance marketplace established 335 years ago, is evolving its famous underwriting room in a virtual setting and delivering on its Future of Lloyds transformation programme.

How Beazley, a major insurance underwriter within the Lloyds market, has adjusted to remote working and the Lloyds Virtual Room.

Also the new types of insurance and risk products that they are developing in collaboration with clients - with a focus on intangible insurance products to cover areas such as cyber and reputational risk.

The Future Minds programme developed by risk management association Airmic in collaboration with Lloyds and the risk & insurance community. Also the Roads to Repurposing report, which Airmic is in the process of producing that explores the importance of corporate social responsibility.

Steve Dunkerley has a candid conversation with:

Judy Romano
CFO Commercial and Technology, IHG

Lena Shishkina
CFO & COO, Red Points

Tracy Levine
Author and CEO, Advantage Talent

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Engaging talent and getting jobs in Covid times

This episode of CANDID CONVO is relevant to those leading teams that are working from home and those that have lost their job due to COVID-19. The COVID-19 pandemic has led to worldwide mass unemployment, and a 'work from home' economy. This podcast explores the most effective leadership approach for this type of working, the type of talent needed to succeed and the hard and soft skills that leaders are now looking for when they recruit in these COVID times. It then looks at how unemployed people can go about beating the competition to the scarce number of jobs available and the importance of up-skilling and getting more tech savvy. It then looks at the type of courses job seekers should be taking and the importance of social media etiquette and being a good digital citizen, both as a manager and as a job seeker. With working from home proving to be such a hit for companies, we finish by looking at the future employment landscape and the trend for "boundless jobs."

Steve Dunkerley has a candid conversation with:

Julia Graham
Deputy CEO and Technical Director, Airmic

Robert Hardy
Founder, Customs Clearance Consortium

Guy Dunkerley
Supply Chain Director & Analyst

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Brexit is back: Managing risk in the supply-chain

With lock-down now easing in the UK, other key issues such as the Brexit transition are now being brought to the foreground. The clock is ticking and issues such as the time and cost of processing customs declaration forms and potentially high tariffs to move goods is causing concern, particularly amongst manufacturers. With Brexit causing much uncertainty coupled with COVID-19, supply-chain leaders and other executives need to look at their risk mitigation strategy and plan carefully in order to survive and thrive.

Steve Dunkerley has a candid conversation with:

Netsai Mangwende
Head of Finance GB, Willis Towers Watson

Judy Romano
VP, CFO Commercial & Technology, IHG

Anders Liu-Lindberg
Partner - COO & CMO, Business Partnering Institute

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The importance of energized finance business partners

In this podcast, the discussion focuses on how finance business partners can add value to a company, the importance of companies establishing a business partner framework - the types of attributes a business partner should have and examples of effective business partnering in action.

Steve Dunkerley has a candid conversation with:

Declan Guerin
Group Chief Restructuring Officer, Rolls-Royce

Dr Stephanie Fitzgerald
Senior Business Partner, Mental Health, Rolls-Royce

Andrew Harding FMCA CGMA
CEO - Management Accounting, The Association of International Certified Professional Accountants

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Finding the productivity equilibrium

A productivity push can be a tempting management strategy now that the COVID-19 lock-down has eased in many countries. Is this however appropriate in the current climate? Also, how far should we go in pandemic proofing the office as we gradually return back to work? Plus, to what extent is automation helping to drive resilience and outcomes for finance departments and how are companies like Rolls-Royce going about business continuity planning / risk management to mitigate against a 2nd wave of the virus?

Steve Dunkerley has a candid conversation with:

Christian Kaufmann
CFO, Unilever Europe 

Tunc Tezel
CFO Europe, Pladis Global

Christopher Argent
Founder, Generation CFO

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CFOs and the impact of COVID-19

On day 52 of the coronavirus lockdown in the UK, it was time to take stock of the impact and implication of the pandemic to businesses through the lens of the CFO.

The key issues discussed include:  CFO's current priorities were during lock-down.  The impact of the pandemic on finance operations,. The "work from anywhere” experience.  The extent to which work from anywhere will continue following lock-down.  How the pandemic is shaping consumer behaviour. The medium and long term trends in the FMCG space.